Monday, May 10, 2010

How will I get there?

How will I get there?
How will it be?
Will it be one wheel?
Or will it be three?

One wheel is unstable,
I'll probably fall;
Three wheels is too wide,
I'll never get there at all!

I know how I'll get there!
I know what I'll do!
The right number of wheels, for one person,
is two!


  1. Hello Joe,

    I loved your poem entitled How will I get there. Can I use this as my email sign off for a while. I am in the bike industry and sell to cycles 9 so I saw this on their web site. If it is your creation I would like to attribute it to you. My email is and our web site is

  2. Ah - and a Dr. Seuss fan as well. You are a man of many talents! Fun poem.