Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's a good economy?

I find it ironic when I hear that the economy is improving, but the unemployment situation is not getting better. I think we need a new measure of "Good Economy". I'm going to propose two measures: How many hours does it take a person of average skills (High School education) to earn money to buy a piece of land of a given size in a given area? The lower the number of hours, the better the economy. The second measure: How many hours of work does it take for that same person to earn money to pay for an hour's work of a person similarly skilled, but in a different area. It seems that the if the government taxes work, via sales tax or wage tax, that the hours of work necessary to do either of these two things will go up; if the government taxes land value, and reduces the tax on work, that the hours of work necessary will decrease. What do you think?